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Welcome to the Philosophize Me blog!

Hello there,

Thank you for visiting the Philosophize Me site, here you will find a blog & a forum - the blog is exactly that... a blog, where I will make any announcements about the site for the members and also have a discussion with you about any philosophical/political ideas I have come across that you might find interesting, or at the very least probe further discussion.

The forum was designed for you to either join in or start your own discussion with other members about various philosophical/political ideas all the way from the pre-Socratic era to the post modern era and beyond and spanning a wide range of subjects, The aim of the site was to create a space for people to discuss these things freely without prejudice, that does not mean there aren't a few rules to follow when doing so (please visit the "Site Rules" page for more information), I believe in the freedom of speech and the importance of open dialog/discussion with one another in order to not only understand others and their opinions but also our own opinions and understanding of the world/society as well as ourselves as individuals.

I hope you enjoy the site and if you have any questions or just have some feedback, please use the contact form.


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